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10 Things You Might Not Know

Here is a meme that I stole from Cherie, which she stole from someone else. I think that stealing memes is a much more acceptable way of sharing them than tagging folks who don’t want to be tagged. If you like this meme, feel free to make it your own.

The idea is to list 10 things – right off the top of your head – that we would only know about you if we knew you really well. 10 random things ranging anywhere on your personal map that make you a tad distinctive? Or just plain weird? Think quickly. Don’t go for deep. Go for quirky. Don’t try to put them in any kind of order and don’t make them long. Just start typing.

1.) I like graham crackers and milk.  In fact, I am having some now.

2.) I started smoking when I was 17 and quit when I was 37.

3.) I was president of the honors society my senior year in college.

4.)  I hate folding laundry.

5.)  I have a brand new desk and office chair I bought with my blogging money.

6.)   I am relearning to crochet.

7.)  My first shipment of Avon arrived and my office — pretty much the whole house — smells like *Skin-So-Soft.

8.)  I have allergies and my left eye has been “weeping” all day.

9.)  I still have a half-dozen unpacked boxes.

10.)  It took me 3 hours to write this meme.


  1. I love these kind of posts. If I get a bit of time later might steal it :p
    Good luck with crocheting. Years ago my grandma taught me, but I more or less forget how now and all I could ever make were chains and squares haha.

    1. Teresa — they are deceptively difficult to write — especially when one has been blogging for years. There’s not much left I haven’t divulged!

      1. Oh I know, I do them all the time on facebook and on the blog I used to have (before my brother accidently got it banned… he was testing some code he’d written and decided to login to MY host to run it… he sent himself over 100,000 spam emails in the course of a few minutes in an infinite loop, filled up his gmail inbox, didn’t stop the code from running so my webhost got an infinite number of bounced back “email delievery notification” errors, effectively shutting down their servers from bandwidth overuse. Of course my site was immediately deleted and I was banned from using their hosting company anymore. ugh haha. After that it was quite some time before I wrote blogs other than on facebook because I just didn’t have the heart to re-do everything, but now I’ve started up again (obviously)

  2. It’s hard to find those “quirky” things, isn’t it? You mean having a Coke to help you fall asleep isn’t normal? Who knew? LOL And your post reminds me. I’m going to be needing that Skin-So-Soft. Thems mosquitoes be coming! They are certainly a different variety here around D.C. Personally, I think that they’ve mutated after sucking the blood of all of those politicians! 😛

  3. If you weren’t eating graham crackers and drinking milk you might be more alert and could finish faster. That’s bedtime fare.

  4. I’d like to do this, but like you, I’d have to think a while to come up with something I haven’t already shared.

    My granmda used to crochet. I never saw her sitting still without a project in hand. Part of me wants to learn, but I have so many projects stacked up with what I already know how to do, I’d probably better not add another whole layer.

  5. I’m doing this Saturday. I didn’t think I’d come up with anything but I thought of 7 while I was getting ready for work.

  6. I am with you on #4…but 3 hours writing this meme? Maybe you’re multitasking such as eating, folding laundry, and smelling Avon 🙂

  7. Meme’s are not easy things to write – well not if you have to keep coming up with things you haven’t said before! 😉

  8. See? It would take ME three hours to write this meme too! I just have a really hard time thinking of trivial little facts about myself… I don’t know why! Which is why I will POSSIBLY do it next week — but NOT this week! But I LOVE graham crackers and milk too! THAT was a gooooooooood one!

  9. Congratulations on No. 5!! Makes PPP so worth it!

    There is no other product out there comparable to Skin So Soft. II think it is the core of Avon!

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