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April 3rd — Poetry Playing

Okay, I am switching things up. My apologies to those who followed me to PAD. The site is atrocious and favoritism runs rampant there. I still plan on writing a poem every day, but I will be doing so in connection with, Poetry Playing. where the judge isn’t one guy picking the poems his buddies write, but a gallery of readers picking their favorites. That means I won’t be posting them here until after they’ve been voted on.

If you want to participate in National Poetry Month, but don’t want to write any poems, how about reading them and picking your favorites? If that’s something you think you can do, check out Poetry Playing.


    1. Found them! I am swamped with busy so will catch up as I can. Keeping up will be a challenge, too, but I’ll make it. Sleep is highly over-rated!

  1. if i understand correctly, only the poem you enter into the competition should wait for the end of the voting stage

    1. Polona — yes, but you have to advantage of seeing the site finished after the bugs were worked out. The pre-April 4th poem prompts were put up AFTER my post.

  2. Those were my thoughts too after last year — but since you were playing I wasn’t going to SAY that! I totally understand!

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