16 thoughts on “April 11th — Poetry Playing

  1. Quilly – I love your newest surroundings! My aunt and uncle live at Yacht Haven.. just around the corner from Snug Harbor. I’ve missed it – why did you move back to San Juan? (you lucky, lucky girl) The Bear and I will be up your way around May 10 to visit … maybe we can say hello. Love your picture and your poem.

    • Terry — we don’t actually live in Snug Harbor. We were at a dinner party there.

      Amoeba graduated from the Labs many eons ago and has returned since from time-to-time to teach. When he was here last Summer he was offered a more frequent teaching schedule and since we were sick of Hawaii and LOVE San Juan Island, it didn’t take us long to think it over. We’ve been here since January.

      We have a nice, big house so if you and Bear need a place to spend the night, just holler.

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