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Math Scares Me

Are you arithmophobic? Does working with numbers scare you? Believe it or not, you are not alone. I was a horrid math student in school. I just didn’t “get” it. I thought math knowledge was like hair color or eye-sight, some folks got the right genes and some didn’t, but that just isn’t true.

When I was studying to become a teacher I was told that my job is teaching, and if the kid isn’t learning, I need to reconsider my teaching strategies. That is most certainly NOT the way I was taught. When I was a kid the teacher taught math from the front of the room while making mystical markings on the board that everybody but a handful of kids seemed to understand automatically. Those of us who didn’t “get it” were considered “math impaired”.

Luckily I came across a math teacher who took his student’s learning very seriously, and he provided those of us who were lost and confused with the extra support and explanation we needed to make math comprehensible. Teachers like that are hard to find and most of us need more than luck to locate them. has helped over 4.5 million struggling math students. TutorVista provides live, online K-12 and college level math and calculus tutoring sessions which can be accessed at any hour of the day, any day of the week. All tutors have graduate or master’s degrees in math and have relevant teaching experience.

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The help that is available through free math tutoring is limited, however, paid options are available. Selecting to pay for your child’s tutoring provides you with the benefit of being able to ask unlimited questions and provides your child with a one-on-one tutor’s specific attention.

TutorVistas online math tutors are ready to assist you whatever your math tutorial needs may be, from simple addition through calculus help. And, if you do need a calculus tutor for your son or daughter — or even yourself — and you’re wondering how that would work online, visit the site and ask for a demonstration of TutorVista’s student driven, interactive online tutoring now!

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  1. My elder daughter got a C for Algebra I so I hired a tutor for her during the summer after the school year ended. She went on to major in Math at UH, and is now a Math teacher at her alma mater as well as Chairman of the Math Dept. So tutoring does help.

  2. Gigi — I am glad to hear your daughter’s success story. I had two wonderful math teachers and a math tutor in college who changed my life. Math isn’t hard or mystical at all once the right person explains it.

  3. I used to love math and I did well until my grade 11 year, when I got sick with the chicken pox. I missed a LOT, and when I came back my teacher decided to just omit the work for me so that I wouldn’t have to do it, and it wouldn’t affect my grade. That was great until I reached grade 12 and discovered that the entire year of math would be based on a more advanced version of the stuff that I had missed. I did pass, but not by a lot. My brother was the real math whiz… I remember trying to trick him by asking him a multiplication question that involved two negative numbers and he figured out by himself the correct result and that it would become positive… at the time he was three years old. And another time when he was in kindergarten I decided to teach him algebra (I was in grade 8 at the time.) It took about an hour for him to catch on and be able to solve the equations in my text book.

    1. Teresa — each new math lesson builds on the previous one. That is why missing even one day of school can be critical. A bunch of days and catching up is extremely difficult.

  4. Scares me, disturbs, intrigues and even inspires me – but I am very glad I am beyond the needing to be tutored in maths stage, or the being asked questions in Maths stage….

  5. Ug, I used to HATE math as well, but now I have come to realize that, like eating your vegetables, although math is distasteful it can be beneficial as well. I had the most horrible teacher in elementary school though — by that time I was just skimming by with a C and he plucked me out of my class and screamed at me over my math grade in front of everyone. I still have not forgotten it, and that didn’t make me like math more either.

    1. Mscribbles — teachers can make or break a kid. I don’t know why they can’t choose to create rather than destroy.

  6. My oldest 3 boys are math-heads. MusicMan, the oldest one, has been a paid tutor this year and has wonderful reviews from the students and their moms. (Of course, being a good tutor, he keeps working himself out of a job…)

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