Car Dreams

I’ve always wanted to own a Mercedes Benz, but given Mercedes Benz prices, that isn’t going to happen.  I’m taking a road trip soon and am dreaming of renting a car for the occasion. I wonder if my blogging dollars will extend to that kind of upgrade?

I could also rent an Audi, and you know that Audi TT prices are pretty much in the same ballpark as the Mercedes.  Of course, I’ve never coveted an Audi.  One of my high school friends drove her grandfather’s ancient Audi and I’ve always thought of them as old folk’s cars.  (No cracks from the peanut gallery.)

I had a Volvo once.  It was a darn good car.  I thought if I ever bought another new car, a Volvo would be the way to go, but after checking out the Volvo S60 prices, I’m thinking I’d have to write a whole lot more paid blog posts to make the payments!

However, an Aston Martin is a car that would really make my road trip rock, don’t you think?  I even have some Bond Girl perfume from Avon I could splash on.  I know better than to even look at the Aston Martin prices, but you’ve gotta see this car though, it is positively beautiful!

What’s all this car stuff about?  Amoeba and I are headed out for a bit. He is pontificating at a seminar and my camera and I will be ducking rain showers and snapping pics at Deception Pass. I’ll still be blogging though — thanks to Thom and the Acer Notebook he gave me.

9 thoughts on “Car Dreams

  1. We have a beautiful day here, the kind that makes me love Virginia, so I won’t be too jealous about your time spent at Deception Pass.
    My husband drove a Mercedes during our final year in Germany. That was in 1997, and the car was a 1982 model, but it was still a nice ride. The little 1980 BMW he drove for the first 2 years was not as nice, but it was fun.
    Me, I’ll just be happy in my Kia minivan. 😉

    • Karen — we had a beautiful day here! I saw a red crested wood pecker and a blue heron. Tomorrow Amoeba will convention ALL day, and my camera and I will explore.

  2. Can´t wait to see the photos.
    My hubby is a fan of BMW´s, but it will probably always stay a dream.
    Have fun on your trip!

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