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    1. Melli — I keep telling you, here the winters aren’t too bad. Friday Harbor has never had weather like hit the east coast last winter!

  1. Stunning, just stunning. The last photo should be entered in a bird magazine of some sort. That is spectacular. Are those snow capped mountains in the background of some of the photos, or just clouds? Obviously, I have never been to the PNW. America – – the beautiful!

    1. Church LAdy — the “fuzzy” white “line” across the top of the pic is clouds. Above it you will see snow topped mountains. Right click on the photo, open it in a new window, then click on “all sizes” and you will get the full-sized shot where you can clearly tell cloud from mountain.

  2. Beautiful. With a touch of aromatherapy.

    (But what on God’s Green Earth was washed up on that shore? It looks like a Giant Squid).

    1. Karen – -it does look like a squid, doesn’t it? Actually, it is a tangle of Bull Kelp that has been beached and sun bleached.

    1. Nicole — if you biggie the eagle you will see plenty of room for improvement, but at this size it does look pretty darn good.

  3. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for these! I’m not sure if they are enabling or curing any homesick feelings, but those photographs are a blessing!

  4. You know I´m a fan as well! Reminds me of my home! I love the two colors of the ocean in that third last pic. Stunning!

  5. I recognize those views!

    I was born and raised on that island and have spent many, many hours all over those beaches, bridges, and rocks.
    Gorgeous pics, you had a great day for it.

  6. Wow. DOUBLE Wow!
    I could stare at all those for hours. The second one might be my favourite — the boat seems placed just so, and the sky is just right… and I could picture myself on that boat and sailing out toward wonderful things (or motoring out I suppose, but…)


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