Is It Thursday?

I didn’t schedule my story and I don’t have it saved on this laptop. I didn’t even have 3WT on my to-do list last week. I will be traveling all day but will get the story rewritten on one of my meal stops and post it whenever I find wifi — won’t be my morning stops though, because I am spending one with family and one with a fellow blogger. This will be the third week in a row I’ve done that. I’m getting to be a pro …

The good thing about having the post already written is that it’s a heck of a lot faster to recreate it.

Here is the 3WT sign in for those who were with it:

15 thoughts on “Is It Thursday?

    • Thom, dude, the Q and I are just lucky we haven’t yet stepped out of the house in the morning to meet ourselves just coming home from the events of the previous evening. A good day, these days, is one in which we forget only two of five essential items. At least she remembered what “is” is …

    • Thanks, Polona. Posting will be intermittent from her, for scheduling and internet-access reasons, but she will be posting.

    • He’s just jealous, Karen. Palm trees and tropical breezes must be getting old. Oh, and they still can’t balance the state budget or keep the schools open.

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