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Garden Pests

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Woodstream. All opinions are 100% mine.

In Hawaii — land of the year-round sunshine — my garden was a total bust because I couldn’t keep the snails and myna birds from eating everything before it was even ripe, and I wouldn’t kill them. Here we have other creatures to contend with. Some bother the garden. Some bother the garbage. Some just “bother”.

I was really excited about starting a garden until Amoeba reminded me that the deer short-cut through our yard on a regular basis. They’d probably really like it if I planted a snack or two for them. Me, not so much. So I’ve been looking up humane ways that I could have a garden and not have the garden pests.

Controlling the rabbits without killing them wouldn’t be a problem. An Havahart Easy Set Small Animal Trap or two would collect them quite nicely.  And an Havahart Easy Set Large Animal Trap would get rid of the Raccoon stalking the neighborhood garbage cans.  The traps are made of sturdy wire mesh and designed so that once the animal walks in to get the bait, it can’t get back out again until the cage is opened. Havahart even provides Animal Trapping Tips so that the animals can be humanely captured and then released into the wild with complete safety to both the animal and the human releasing it.

Since putting up an electrified fence isn’t an option, I have been looking at the Havahart deer repellents. My sister introduced me to a really cool one — an automated sprinkler that detects motion and shoots a hard spray of water at the invader.  Havahart calls their version “Spray Away” and it is said to work on deer, dogs, raccoons, groundhogs, opossum, skunks, cats, rabbits, squirrels, and geese. My sister has her’s out by her coy pond, and it also keeps the Heron away.

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  1. i hear that tickseed
    (coreopsis has just set in)
    is a decent deer repellent
    its a perennial and it looks nice too

    little yellow flowers on soft (but hardy) stems
    love it!

    1. Tilden – -the website has a whole list of deer resistant plants, too. Amoeba is most interested in the sprinkler.

      1. my friend allison came into the shop the other day
        she is quite miffed the deer have eaten all her arborvitae
        she took home about 6 – 1 gallon tickseed plants…
        i’m thinkin she may want to know about the water BLASTER!

  2. Well… we tried havahart traps many years ago for our garden… but what we found was that we had far MORE rabbits and squirrels than we EVER could have imagined! It was a losing battle. Back then the the “recommended” deer repellent was human hair — so I saved all our clippings and distributed them around and throughout the garden. The deer simply walked over them to get to the veggies! That water squirter sounds interesting though! I bet I’d forget to turn it off and shoot MYSELF everytime!!! LOL!

  3. Some people shave bits of soap (Irish Spring!) around their gardens, or maybe they hang chunks of soap at the ends of rows or something. I’ve never tried it. The previous owners of our place had a fence around the garden (not electric) but they took it with them.
    SOMETHING got into the peas before they ever produced this year, and I think I know the culprit: I saw a rabbit across the lawn last week. Mr. MacGregor is not happy.

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