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Check the Deli Case Again

I went to the store today for one specific item.  Of course I picked up several things and then arrived at the checkstand without the item I specifically went to the store to buy.  The store was remarkably not busy, so I excused myself and ran to get the missing item.  When I returned I handed it to the cashier and said, “On what isle would I find an attention span?”

He grinned at me and said, “Well, we usually keep them in the deli case but we’re fresh out.  In fact, I didn’t get one myself.”

I said, “Darn.”

The kid bagging the groceries frowned at us and asked  “What are you looking for?”

“Attention spans,” I answered.  “I need a new one.”

“But we’re sold out,” the clerk said.

The stock boy said, “Are you sure?  I can go look.”

The cashier and I both turned to look at the kid.

“Oh,” he said. “Attention spans.”  His face turned very red.  “Never mind.  I get it.”

I just grinned.

The cashier said, “Apparently you’ve misplaced yours, too.  It’s no wonder we can’t keep them in stock.”

I agreed that that they just don’t seem to last long even when we do have them.


  1. I’m amazed the cashier was so quick to get it and to come back.. I probably would have been more like the bag boy. Where do you have bag boys? I thought they were extinct? Did he carry your bag to the car, or is that really asking too much? Am I dating myself to remember such things?

    1. Greg — obviously the cashier lied — he didn’t need an attention span! And, I live on a little island in Puget Sound (Washington State). We are just a little old-fashioned here and we like it.

    1. Linda — you know you’re right. The attention span I had in college was of a much higher caliber than the ones I get these days.

  2. You are quite the Bard Quilly, love your sense of humor. Next you will be in a Hardware Store asking the Clerk for a “Left Handed Crescent Wrench”

  3. Love it! Although as someone else said, I probably would have been more like the bagger than the checker.

    Some stores here do still have baggers, too, and some of them do offer to carry things out to the car.

    1. But the bagger does get points for willingly offering to go check for an item. Some don’t unless they’re told, and then reluctantly.

  4. Ain’t it the TRUTH! I always seem to lose mine during PRAYER! (which is why a prayer journal is such a goooood idea for me!)

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