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Assorted Announcements, Idiocies, & A Major Thank You

I would like to thank Thom for helping me out while I was away soaking my boots in ocean tidepools. Without him you would have all missed that fun-filled Punny Monday and my “plan-ahead” Microfiction Monday post. Thom is the best and I love him!

3WT will be up this evening, along with a new set of words.  I am waiting to put the finishing touches on the post.  Today I have to place my Avon order, deliver a couple of orders, visit the bank to deposit my earnings, meager though they are.  AND, I have a mound of sandy clothing to wash.

I’ve already wasted the morning trying to figure out where my kitchen rubbish bin is.  As we were leaving to go camping I emptied the trash, not wanting to leave anything that might stink up the house.  With that same thought in mind, I left the rubbish bin in the garage — at least that is the memory I hold and the intent I had.  The thing is, the rubbish bin wasn’t in the garage.  Nor was it in the kitchen, or any other room of our house.  How odd.

I refused to believe that anybody came into my home and stole my rubbish bin and left the computers, TV and other good stuffies behind.  That meant I did something with it — but what?! I checked both decks.  I checked the garage AGAIN. I searched every room and closet in my house.  I walked the parameter of my backyard, thinking that if I’d left it on the porch it might have blown into the wild bushies.

It hadn’t.  I wrote the trash bin off in my mind.  It ran away from home. I supposed it had gone off in search of higher quality rubbish.

I decided to water my plants — and couldn’t find the watering can.  It was missing, too.  This is just incredible!  I stood in the middle of the deck and made a slow turn — and that’s when I saw them both.  The rubbish bin and the watering can, cuddled together in the corner behind the soil sacks.  It just wasn’t natural!  shudder How totally against the laws of nature.

I’ve separated the two of them.  The rubbish bin is back in the kitchen where it belongs and the watering can is out with the plants and pots.  All things are again as they should be.


  1. I refuse to believe that you think a rubbish bin and watering can, cuddled together in the corner behind the soil sacks, isn’t natural!

  2. .
    O wow, Quilly! You were tough on those lovers!
    Next you will be chaining them to their beds at night! 🙂

    1. .
      I did have a thought. Have you talked with Amoeba about this? He might be doing some gardening or research or other project.

      1. Jim — Amoeba helped me search for the rubbish bin this morning. I doubt he’d have done that if he knew where it was. Also, upon finding the darn thing, I remember putting it outside to “air”.

        1. ..
          I am more than smiling now, Quilly. 🙂 🙂
          Those two little words that I am just now hearing, “I remember” sneaked out didn’t they! Still LOL! 🙂 🙂

          1. Jim — I knew it had to be me. Nobody steals a dirty garbage container and leaves all the electronics behind.

  3. .
    That Thom is a nice guy. He did all good and nothing bad for you blog. So many fill in writers cause some problems. I had my older daughter, Susie, and my blog once in mind in saying that. Even her husband didn’t like her last post.

      1. Jim — Thom only made certain that what I wrote posted — and fixed it when it didn’t. I didn’t give him permission to post a story. If I had I am certain it would have been a hum-dinger! And thanks for the heads up. I fixed the broken link.

  4. inanimate objects have this tendency to not stay where you remember putting them. happens to me all the time

    1. Betty — well, I may have inadvertantly left them in the near vacinity of one another. After that, it was all up to them.

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