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Update on Me

I’m sorry that I’ve been scarce.  While I was gone I read a great new novel (you’ll hear more about that soon), put the church newsletter together, put a flier together for the book study Becce and I are facilitating; and went to another performance of My Fair Lady.

I saw the Saturday night show.  It was superb.  I am so glad I went again.  They were fantastic during their dress rehearsal, but performing in front of a live audience night-after-night really honed their skills.  Amoeba even learned to dance!

Alas, tonight was their final performance.  After it was over they tore the set down, cleaned the theater and came home was too late for the last time … this season.  Amoeba made a lot of new friends, many of whom tried to get him to sign up for the next show.  He told them he couldn’t afford the time commitment acting requires, but he’d love to return in the orchestra pit.  However, he didn’t tell them he’d never act again, he just said, “not now.”


  1. Why apologize that you have been scarce? There are many other important things to do than blogging and it sounds like you had a great time. So I wouldn’t apologize. Just start of I’m Baaaaaccccckkkk ROFLMAO!!!

    1. Thom — easier to apologize here than reply to all those concerned email … oh wait, there were only two. Never mind.

  2. I’ve been scarce too. I’m working on a project with my brother right now that takes all my time but hopefully I can get in a post tomorrow haha. In fact, every blog I follow has been unusually quiet this weekend… maybe gone away for the holiday (is it a holiday in US too)

  3. Sounds like a productive weekend!

    I don’t usually worry if someone doesn’t blog for a day or two — I figure they’re just busy — but much more than that and I get concerned. I am glad all is well. The play sounds like so much fun, but time-consuming as well.

  4. Finishing up a live performance run is exhausting. The adrenaline plummets and leaves one feeling like a limp dishrag. But what a fun experience that was!

  5. Life can be so time consuming! I’m glad you had a wonderfully busy weekend. We aren’t going anywhere and we will always be here when you check back in!

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