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Summer Stock Sunday 2010.06.06

It’s back!  Robin from Around the Island says it is time once again for Summer Stock Sunday.  She wants to know — in pictures — what it is that Summer means to us.

Right now what Summer is meaning to me is
my container garden, flowers and Hummingbirds!

container garden
Container Garden on Back Deck

container garden
Container Garden
herbs & bleeding heart
Herbs & Bleeding Heart
bleeding hearts
Bleeding Hearts

Chives & Surfid Fly
Male Rufous Hummingbird

Female Rufous Hummingbird


  1. Wow, those are some beauitful photo captures with the fly and hummingbirds. I love bleeding hearts.

    It’s funny that summertime still brings up images of the beach for me, even though I haven’t lived near a beach since I was 13. But summertime also brings to mind June bugs, ice cream trucks, fans in my childhood and blessed AC now.

  2. Great photos but summer starts on the 21st. I can tell it isn’t summer yet because the temperature here in Santa Clarita is barely breaking 100.

    1. Doug — I know when Summer starts and obviously you know when Summer starts, but either Robin doesn’t know, or doesn’t care. The meme started on June 5th, which was Sunday in Israel.

  3. You have been very busy.

    And since you and Doug are being such sticklers for accuracy, it doesn’t say show me your summer but show me what summer means to you and that’s something you can do anytime.

    1. Good point, Nessa! I wish I would have thought to point at the semantics — that’s usually the first place I head!

  4. your container garden is lovely
    I love your deck!! it looks so comfy

    hummingbirds add so much to the day don’t they?

    1. Melissa — my Hummers are guzzling about 5 cups of sugar per day! There are dozens of them. Wish I could share.

  5. Lovely! My container garden fared very poorly last year, with the bizarre weather we had here, yours is inspiring me to try again!

    1. MP — this is our first attempt here. My Hawaii container garden was a big hit with the snails and the slugs!

  6. So far, I have only seen one hummingbird at my feeder. Those are some awesome action shots you caught of the hummingbird and fly!

    Your deck looks so nice and spacious!

  7. I am impressed with your beautiful shot of the bleeding hearts. Summertime and gardening – two of my favorite things (besides photography)

  8. Oh my! You ARE enjoying those hummingbirds! I LOVE them too! I can’t wait for them to discover my feeder. They haven’t yet. It took them a long time last year too. *sigh* I love that bleeding heart. I bought one this year too and have it out on the front porch. Supposedly they like shade — and the front gets LOTS of shade! So we’ll see. I also love the chives picture! Coming in for a landing!

    1. Melli — what do you put in your feeder? I used plain water and sugar — NO FOOD COLORING. I mix 1 part sugar to 4 parts boiling water. Stir and let cool.

  9. OMG that one with the fly is just gorgeous., I love it. And the hummingbirds…wow. What a great little garden ya got going there. 🙂 Guess I’ll get to see it next week 🙂

  10. So lucky to have hummers visiting. I just can’t seem to get them here. I put in all the right flowers and feeder but yet they alude me. I did get one glimpse of one last year though. Maybe this year will be my lucky one.

  11. Gorgeous captures of those hummingbirds, how cool to have them right in your backyard.

    As for when summer starts, the official date may be 21/6 (and yes, of course I know that), but around here summer basically kicks off on Israeli Independence Day. Technically it’s still spring but not in terms of mindset. By May the pools are open, festivals are sprouting up everywhere and the crowds are heading back to the beach. If that doesn’t say summer I don’t know what does. Who cares what the calendar says, summer is a state of mind, not a date.

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