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Rooting Cut Roses!

I love fresh flowers.  They are bright and cheery and make me happy.  Amoeba knows the surest way to see my face light up is to bring me flowers — and he does every now and then.   Sometimes he brings me cut flowers.  Sometimes he brings me a plant.  Either are guaranteed to make me smile. The last time Amoeba got me flowers it was roses. Peace Roses are my favorites and he bought me a long stemmed bouquet for Easter. I call them my resurrection roses because five of those stems are in planters on our deck and they are growing!

The roses lasted a remarkably long time and I noticed they were growing in the vase even though they had been cut. I pointed the phenomena out to Amoeba and he suggested I got buy some pots and rose planting soil and see if I could root the silly things. I planted 9 of the twelve stems. Five of them are still thriving. We will keep them in planters this year and transplant them into the yard next Spring after the fear of frost has passed.


  1. I’m lucky enough to have married a man who grows flowers in the garden and then cuts them and puts them in vases inside the house. But I’ve never had roses do what you are describing — amazing!

  2. Flowers make me smile. That’s one of the things that just blew me away when I visited the Pike market in Seattle–all the vendors selling those beautiful bouquets. I couldn’t believe how cheap they were.

  3. I’m allergic to pollen and most flowers offend my silly nose! But I have a huge basket of silk fall flowers in my office that I just love! They are so cheerful!

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