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New Profile Pic

Yeah, that’s a new profile pic.  That’s my real hair color — dull brown, gray and white.  And those are my real wrinkles.  I’d like to pretend they were worse because I was squinting at the sun, but truthfully, I was trying very hard not to squint.

Back to my hair — other than the multicolored thing, it looks pretty darn good don’t you think?  Avon has a mousse and a hair spray that provide excellent hold, yet are still natural-looking and flexible.  Amoeba ran his fingers through my hair and said, “Well, I can tell there is product on it, but I am not sticking to you and you’re not crispy or anything.”  That’s very nice, but what I really like about these products, is that my hair looks as good on day two as it did on day one.


  1. I think your hair (and you as well) looks great! I cant wait for my hair to go all gray and silver and white! Hopefully soon, if not I am going to have to dye it. 😀

  2. My hair stylist calls the gray “non-pigmented” and I tell her I’ve earned each one. It’s a sign of an interesting life! Now if we can all turn our non-pigmented strands into a publishable story!

    1. Kelley — the reason I dyed my hair blond for so many years is because my gray won’t take color and with the blond the gray looks platinum.

    1. Barbara – -my hair has always been multicolored, but it used to be shades of red and blond! Over the years it gor darker, and now it’s getting lighter again.

  3. Such a nice picture. And your hair looks great. I’m just not into dying hair. Besides, Proverbs 16:31 says

    “Gray hair is a crown of splendor;
    it is attained by a righteous life.

    1. Linda — Amoeba says he likes my hair better natural. I like my hair, I’m just not so sure about the color!

    1. Doug — to stay looking young and beautiful? To keep Clariol in profits? One or the other. I can’t remember which now.

  4. Nice pic. Not bad for 50, huh? Actually, you don’t have any wrinkles that I can see. You are a lot better looking than most women your age.

  5. Very, very nice! I love your hair color. You’re lucky you don’t have to dye your hair. I’ve decided not to also. Your hair is silvery and soft looking. You have a sweet, caring, kind, beautiful face. It reflects who you are.

    1. Kay — my hair does look soft, but it is naturally quite coarse and heavy. That’s why I was so amazed this mousse worked so well!

  6. That’s a great pic, I love it! (and just said so on the next post – I’m working backwards again)

    My hair is so thin and fine I’ve given up on hair stuff, but might try this in my next order (there’s always hope, right?)

  7. My hair is muti-colored too but at this point it is definitely not natural. It’s naturally a dull brown with a significant amount of gray in it but I color it a livelier brown with red/gold highlights.

    You, my dear, look lovely!

    1. Beth — my hair has always been multicolored naturally. I had platinum hair as a child and it slowly darkened to strawberry blond and then to brown and then it lightened to whatever this is!

  8. I love this photo of you, Quilly!! You look so beautiful! I don’t see much at all in the line of wrinkles, I just see beautiful eyes and a wonderful smile. I think your natural hair really suits you much more than the blond, and I like it a bit longer like it is now.

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