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Hasta La Vista, Bloggers!

My readership is lower than it has ever been — even when my blog was brand new.  Apparently I am boring you all.  This is way too much work for no return. I even tried giving away money to catch people’s attention. It didn’t work.  Since no one wants to come out and play I am going to quit trying. I have signed up to help at vacation Bible School and my sister is here visiting with her grandkids.  Since you have all gone out to play, I am leaving, too.

One housekeeping note before I leave.  Congrats to Beth, she just won my Giveaway copy of Boyfriends, Burritos & an Ocean of Trouble (Real Life) by Nancy Rue. Amanda, since only the two of you entered, I’ll send you my copy. That means you both won. Beth, please email your snail mailing particulars.


  1. It’s summertime in the Northern Hemisphere and it seems everybody or at least many bloggers are busy away from the computer… It is only a hiatus, right?? enjoy it, q!!!

  2. Oh myyyyyyyyyy! Well… I know how busy I have been… perhaps others are very tied up this summer too. But VBS is done, and I am back! I’m sorry you’re gone… I’ll email ya when I get a chance!

  3. I hope you’re just away for a hiatus, Things have been low for me as well, especially comments on my blog. I’m guessing everyone is just busier for the summer — maybe not busier in general, but doing other things. I know those with kids home from school may not have as much undistracted time for the computer as before. Even though mines are older and don’t need my individual attention as much, there is still more noise and activity.

    And if I may conjecture, I know the ads have worked well for you and earned you some money, but they may work against general readership. When there are three to five posts a day and some of them look like ads, readers may not click through from Google Reader and such. I have to confess I don’t when when all I see from Google Reader is the title and first three lines, and it appears to be an ad. Nothing personal, that may just be me, I’m not telling you what to do — just expressing one person’s opinion. But I do know, too, that if I post two posts in one day, many people will only read one, usually the one on top, even without ads, even though I know they have me in Google Reader and see that I have two posts.

  4. Quilly… You had 15 visitors play Punny Monday, 15 visitors to one post on Wednesday, 16 visitors to one post on Thursday…. and 9 visitors to several other posts this week. WHAT are you complaining about? I have been lucky to have 9 or 10 daily visitors for the past 4 years! And which of those 9 to 16 friends (not including me, who hasn’t been here ONCE) is UNimportant to you??? THIS does not sound like the Quilly I know and love…. I’m sorry… I just had to point this out. People are visiting your REAL posts… they may or may not be visiting your PAID posts…

  5. I hope it´s just a break, because i do like your blog. I may not comment on all posts, but I do enjoy your writing and especially your storys of when you were a child.
    I think many people are busy because of summer. I´ve noticed less readers too. And am posting less as well.

  6. oh well… can’t say i’m surprised.
    blogging is meant to be fun and if at some point it ceases to be fun…
    i will miss you, though.
    then again, i have missed YOU for the most part of the last 6 or 7 months, maybe more.
    i believe you have a feeling you dedicated a lot of time for blogging. and you most likely did. but i’m sure most of that time was dedicated to trying to get some $ from it all the while you were forgetting about the human factor and the key principle of blogging. bloggers are humans, too, you know. and humans have expectations. and when their expectations are not met and keep not being met… well, you do the math…

  7. My own readership has dropped quite a bit. Of course, I haven’t exactly been posting regularly, nor have I been copious in my commenting.
    Our VBS starts tomorrow and 4 of us are working with it and SnakeMaster will be a participant. We give SuperDad a bye on this event, although he usually joins us for supper. It’s a busy summer as we try to squeeze in family time while we get our oldest ready to head off to college.

    I think you will feel much better (and refreshed!) after a break.

  8. Sorry to hear that your are leaving, I may not have left a comment everytime I visited, but I did stop by everyday. I hope you decide to stay.

  9. Oh, no you don’t. Just like Amoeba.

    (Good grief, I HOPE NOT ANYWAY!)

    I’ve got no readers left either, compared to a few months ago. But my blog’s not as good as it was then either, and I know it. I’m burning out, is part of it — and my computer’s dying, and single-parenthood is taking a lot of time (imagine that! LOL) etc etc. I imagine I’ll be winding down too.

    Not sure how i’m feeling about it though —

  10. Oh that’s sad! I know I am a sporadic commenter and I am sorry. 🙁

    Thank you! but you dont have to send me your book. I dont mind going out and buying it. If you want to I wont tell you no, but you dont have too.

  11. I’ve noticed my blog is going down in numbers, too. Most of the prompt sites are having fewer people link to them. I discussed all this with a bit of an expert in the internet, and he said exactly what I was thinking. The concept of the blog is itself dying, being replaced by social networks. I guess we’re in a transition before social network and blog become as one.

  12. I have to tell you I’ve noticed my comments have been going down, too. I was figuring it was because I haven’t been able to visit much lately. Maybe it’s because it’s summer and everybody is busy having fun. 🙂

  13. Meh, I’ve noticed the same thing, and don’t forget my Haiku giveaway-that-wasn’t. It’s not just you 🙂 It’s summer: people are busy, away, tired of blogging for now, etc etc etc. Once school is back in September people will get back into the swing of things.

    Enjoy your time away – I’m not worried that you’re gone for good. You enjoy blogging too much to dump something you’ve worked so hard on. Taking a break is a very good thing to do. I’m a bit burnt out myself, and not posting near what I used to. ‘Tis a phase and nothing more.


  14. Yeh my readership has dropped too, but then again, it’s harder to visit blogs (or even blog myself) right now. It’s SOOO hot outside that the computer overheats, my bro is on vacation so we’re really working hard on our facebook apps, and we’re installing the ice where I work right now. It has to be ready to skate on by Tuesday and it’s HARD to make ice in hot weather. I’m not sure people appreciated how much effort we have to put into it. Right now it’s all cracked up, but it’s getting there and hopefully will be ready on time *fingers crossed*

  15. I’m a wee bit under the heat here.
    Sweating even with the AC on or risking a stiff neck.
    Nope, you are not boring.
    It’s just a huge, big summer hole, me thinks…

  16. Your not boring by no means. If I need a laugh I know I can always visit and leave with a smile. I may not always comment. The summer has been unusually busy. I read blogs when I can and probably comment even less than I should. I know I haven’t blogged near as much since school has gotten out as I did before.
    So hopefully your just taking a much needed break and not a definite goodbye.

  17. Umm…what everyone else said. And, if there’s no joy in doing something, it might not be something God wants you doing. That said, I would be sad if you went away.

    And, in case you wondered, I haven’t participated in the giveaways much because I just don’t need any more STUFF. This is the summer of getting rid of stuff in my house (much to my son’s dismay), so I don’t want anyone else spending their money on sending me MORE stuff! Sometimes I’ve commented on a blog and then the person tells me I won something. Then I go back and look and sure enough, somewhere in the top was a ‘you can win’ thing…who knew?

    I like to read your stories when I have the time to digest them. Sometimes that puts some time in between visits. And what Barbara said really resonates now that I think about it — multiple blog entries really do seem to slow traffic down on most sites!

    Blessings, K

  18. Not reading all the comments, but I will say that sometimes I come by and see nothing but plugs for products and I go away. that’s not what I read blogs for. Today I see lots of good stuff and I have stayed to read. I don’t always comment.

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