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Sensational Haiku Wednesday ~ Future

Jenn from, You Know … that blog?,
hosts Sensational Haiku Wednesday.
This week’s theme is:

Join the fun!


My dreams and talents
held captive by my self-doubt,
constrain my future.

I know this is way late. I wanted to participate in Sensational Haiku Wednesday, but since I was short of time, I knew I couldn’t visit the other players, so I chose instead to come in last after the visiting ended.


  1. I can relate to this haiku. Really well done, Quilly. It certainly makes one think about the boundaries we place on ourselves.

  2. I would say this is excellent but I’m not. You and self-doubt? PFFFFT i don’t see it Q good writing. The real you and the woman that means so much to me is self assured, loving, knowledgable. And Bites well. ROFLMAO.

    1. Thom, it’s what lurks beneath the well constructed surface.

      Excellent haiku.

      It is so hard to have confidence in certain things that mean so much to us.

      1. Pffft…if there is a well constructed surface it has to be because of a well constructed underneath I always say 🙂

  3. Excellent. I think our self-doubt is often our biggest hindrance. I think one key is not to wait til it is gone but to move forward in spite of it.

  4. Thom is right — the self doubt that restrains that author is not what I see in how you’ve jumped into Friday Harbor with both feet and hands! Just ask the Avon people! Good for you, Quilly, to know that it’s lurking there, but not let it hinder you!

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