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  1. When it comes to capturing wildlife digitally, you have more luck than anyone I know! I think it’s more patience and skill, Quilly!! You are quite good!! This is a superb photo! Bravo! Bravo!

    1. Church Lady — your comment made me laugh because if I was just a little more patient I think I’d have even better photos. I just can’t stand to wait! That’s why I say this one was luck.

    1. Gigi — Kelley (SouthLakes Mom, see comment above) thinks I should enter it in the National Geographic contest. I just might.

  2. yes, luck factor certainly plays a role in such photos. but it’s still the photographer who presses the shutter that does the work. this is awesome!

    1. Polona — I set up the tripod and arranged the shot without a hummingbird in sight. The “luck” came in when not one, but two hummingbirds arrived to fight over the feeder, and did so beside it, right where I had hoped to photograph one incoming bird. Out of four shots, this was the only one with adequate focus. (Not true, one focused on the trees behind the birds, making the birds little blurry smudges in the foreground.)

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