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Punny Monday 10.10.18

Welcome to Punny Monday. This is a fun little guessing game meant to spark your imagination and tickle your funny bone. Every Monday I post an original photo and ask my readers to figure out what was going on in my brain (or Amoeba’s) when he/I/we made it. Posting time varies so every time zone occasionally gets a fair shot at being first to see the game.

Here’s the photo you need to base your guess on:

What noun (compound word) does this photo represent? EMAIL your answers and leave a comment designed to either help or confuse your fellow game players. The first contestant to EMAIL me the right answer wins a featured link in my blog which will display until next Monday when we’ll play this little game again. Enjoy.

PLEASE, do not write your guess in the comments. It spoils the game for the other players. Your guesses will be shared when the game ends. Oh, and just because someone announces they’ve won, doesn’t mean that they have. Please keep guessing until I post the answers!


Handy Folks

October 18th, 2010, 3:06 a.m. — Barbara — Hangnail

October 18th, 2010, 3:39 a.m. — Doug — Hangnail
October 18th, 2010, 4:04 a.m. — Karen — Hangnail
October 18th, 2010, 4:14 a.m. — Tilden — Hangnail
October 18th, 2010, 4:50 a.m. — Alastair — Hangnail
October 18th, 2010, 5:39 a.m. — Linda — Hangnail
October 18th, 2010, 5:55 a.m. — Susan — Hangnail
October 18th, 2010, 8:44 a.m. — Jim — Hangnail


Hanging By A Thread

October 18th, 2010, 3:31 a.m. — Melli — high-strung


        1. ROFL! I DO! Obviously I do not GET hangnails very often!!! If it had had a little face looking choked I probly would have got it! 🙂 Anyway… I thought high-strung was good… hehehehe…

  1. Thought about PM this morning but it was too early, now it’s too late…it does not matter anyways! love that color 8)

      1. Thanks, Thom! And I am very glad for the time changes! This week and next are perfect times for me. Having a chance to win every now and then is nice. Thanks, Q — I know it is more work for you to rotate it to accommodate everyone. I appreciate it!

  2. I finally got one! Sheesh! The bummer is I wasn’t on the grid to be able to send in my guess on time – it’s still fun to play … I peek…think…guess…scroll. 😉

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