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The Missing Day

This post asks the question, “Is it possible to trust too much?”

First off, let me preface this entire story by telling you that Tuesday I had 4 coffees. Four.  I also had chocolate cake and very little else. Did I mention I had four coffees?  I usually only have one or two a week.

Tuesday night I did not sleep.  I tossed and turned and looked at the clock every hour or so.  The night was endless.  When I did sleep the weirdest dreams plagued me. In one Amoeba and I went snow sledding.  We used the refrigerator door for a sled.  I don’t recommend it; not only is it bad for the fridge, those little door compartment thingies are murder to sit on!

I woke for the last time on Wednesday morning (that is important to note) at 7:15 a.m. and got up.  I actually still had an amazing amount of energy so I got my Avon orders together and scooted off to deliver them.  About 12:30 p.m. I found myself wondering why Amoeba hadn’t called me.  Because of the 3 hour time difference, I usually hear from him around 11:30 a.m.  That’s when I discovered I’d forgotten my cell phone.  I made my final delivery and hustled home to call Amoeba.

During the course of our phone call Amoeba mentioned that he still had a lot of work to get done and that it was already Thursday so he was running out of time.  I heard the word Thursday and any rational thinking ability I may have had left short-circuited entirely.  If it was Thursday I’d already missed setting the garbage out, I was about to miss my newsletter deadline, and I had a pot of soup to make for Bible Study.

Amoeba and I said good-bye and I put on a burst of speed.  I did my grocery shopping, came home and poured everything in a pot, stirred it up and put it on to boil, then I flew through the newsletter lay out.  Clickety-clack.  Clickety-clack.   I got myself showered and ready for Bible Study, reviewed my study notes, grabbed the soup and jetted to the church.

Imagine my surprise when nobody was there. By my calculations, I was 5 minutes late, so it was very odd that the tables weren’t set, the salad wasn’t out, and there weren’t ladies buzzing around worrying about my tardiness (since I had the food).  I went into the building, made my way to the kitchen, put my soup on the stove and stood there tap-tap-tapping my toes.  I decided to check my cell phone to see if I’d read the time wrong and was actually early.

Oh yeah, I was early.  A whole flipping 23 hours and 55 minutes early!  The realization of what had happened burst upon my brain.  I punched a button on my cell phone and called Amoeba.  When he found out what happened did he apologize for misleading me?  Noooo! He laughed!  It is very, very good he is three thousand miles away.

And that’s why you didn’t see me today.  However, the good news is, most of my tomorrow’s work is done already.  I should have plenty of time to play!


  1. hahaha, you guys are hilarious! 🙂 Didn´t you wonder where that whole day had gone? Or did you think you slept through?

    1. Linda — I spent half of it in bed re-reading my favorite parts of Highland Blessings, and a couple of hours this afternoon at the coffee shop, and now I am off to Bible Study with my soup — all the tastier for having a day to “rest”.

  2. ROFLMBO!!! Quilly! YOU are a trip! Well honestly, I mean I forget what day it is about 20 times a day – so I am forever looking at my cell phone to SEE what day it is… but really… you went through the WHOLE day without CHECKING??? Wow…. 😀

    1. Melli — that’s why I wonder if there is such a thing as too much trust! I just believed Amoeba. Funnier still, he was talking future tense as in “my presentation is due” (Thursday) and I’m not ready yet.

  3. I will not write anything insulting or laugh at your behaviors. It’s difficult but I promise not to write anything insulting or laugh at your behaviors.

  4. He couldnt have called my house and told me it was Friday so I could go have my PPD read? Now really where are that mans priorities. He should know I am impatiently waiting to find out that I have TB. (And that I got the test done in the first place) Ugh. Well. I hope your second Thursday was as caffeinated as the Tuesday prior .

  5. LOL, I can imagine the rush you were in!
    Now that you have this extra day, would you please come and take a load off my shoulders? I am over-scheduled and dropping the ball left and right. Luckily, November is in sight.

  6. Hi Quilly – you may be wondering why I never got in touch with you – I’ve been here on island for 2 weeks! Even drove to the labs to look around, but not knowing what I was looking for, I drove away. Problem is, I’ve had no internet connection since arriving here – my aunt & uncle’s connection is messed up. So today I have discovered The Doctor’s Office and have been drinking yummy mochas whilst frantically reading my emails and catching up. I am sorry we never connected :(,as I did not have your phone number but I did pass my course and am now a Registered Nursing Assistant (NAR) in WA. Woo hoo. Leaving on the ferry manana, but I’ll be back!

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