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The 12 Days of Christmas, Island Style ~ Day #1

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The 12 Days of Christmas, Island Style

On the 1st Day of Christmas Quilly and Thom gave to me …..

Merry Christmas - 1iMZl-108 - print


“l´ve had a really lousy Christmas. You´ve just managed to kill my New Year´s. lf you come back on Easter, you can burn down my apartment.”

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You now have 24 hours to submit your answer via email to QUILLY. Make sure you check back right here tomorrow for the winner and don’t forget for tomorrow’s Movie Quote visit Thom’s blog. Good luck. Happy guessing. Have fun.

Merry Christmas – Mele Kalikimaka

and – e

Happy New Year – Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

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      1. Would you prefer it if I said, “Let the games begin – I will endure to be burned, to be bound, to be beaten, and to be killed by the sword” ?

    1. Tilden — are you kidding? I almost called you to help me find good quotes, but I realized that if I did that, you couldn’t play!

  1. funny quote. i am going to clear some space on the wall for my winnings. that is, i assume the prizes are framed pictures. it was tough for me to tell.

    1. Tim — my prizes include a romance novel based in Friday Harbor, a post card, and a San Juan Island magnet. You can frame them if you wish.

  2. Great fun! I sent my answer in. I never win anything! Bring me luck, eh?
    I got this one with a little help from a birdy….

  3. What a fun contest. Over my skill level, though. So nice for you and Thom to do this. I think I need to put some good music on and stir a little holiday spirit in my heart.

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