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Bling Fling Jewelry Giveaway ~ Day 3

Quilly is giving away a quality piece of jewelery and you want to win it!  The rules are here.

Before we get to the clues, let me tell you how this contest really came to be: I was shopping at Maxand and everything is so dazzling I had a heck of a time choosing what it was I wanted.  And please note, I started out thinking about pleasing me.  I had a gift certificate to spend and I was going to add a bit of sparkle and shine to my own jewelry box.  Then I started thinking about showing off my purchase on the blog, and it seemed selfish to brag about my good fortune without sharing, so I decided that whatever I purchased for me, I would purchase for a blog giveaway, too.

Day Three: Visit the Max and Chloe online Jewelry store.  Check out the 15% off savings code for December 2010, and notice that they ship internationally.  I want you to know that their shipping is quick-fast.  My Max and Chloe package arrived within a few days of my placing the order.  I was impressed!

Official Clue:  A primary color should be included in your final guess.

AND, apparently the exact item I purchased for you has sold out and can no longer be found on the site, so the $45.00 clue, while still true, isn’t really helpful.  That means you get an EXTRA clue today!

Official Clue Two: the set is “mixed media” or, for those of you who don’t speak “art” — it is a mix and match set.


  1. I give up. Sorry, but I have so little time to surf around.
    I love your ideas of giveaway´s though. Will participate next. time.

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