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I Dare You To Change ~ Winner!

Eleven people entered the “I Dare You to Change Contest.  I am so sorry that only one of you could win.

  1. Jim
  2. Self-Sagacity
  3. Alissa
  4. Tania
  5. Kavita
  6. Shaha
  7. Janelle
  8. Camden
  9. Khyla
  10. Caroline
  11. Vickie

Before I asked the Random Number generator to pick, I said a prayer and asked God to choose the person who most needed blessed and would put what s/he learned from this book to good use. The Random Number Generator choose #6. which is Shaha.


Surprising news!  Shaha would like her prize sent to Camden!  Merry Christmas Camden, please send me your mailing address!


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