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Sensational Haiku Wednesday ~ Resolution

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Jenn from, You Know … that blog?,
hosts Sensational Haiku Wednesday.
This week’s theme is:


I have resolved NOT
to resolve just to resolve.
Change is not a fad.


In 1996 I resolved not to make New Year’s resolutions. That is the only New Year’s resolution I have ever successfully kept. As a rule, I am much better off instigating changes as they become necessary in my life rather than at a “fashionable” set time.


  1. Stoically stated, sister! 😉

    I don’t make them either, only because I know full well I’ll never keep them. I do have a lot of things I sure would like to accomplish this year though…

    Happy New Year! (and being late is totally ok!! Just happy to have you on board)

  2. It’s a small thing, but I want to learn to knit… so I figured it would be a nice New Year Resolution. Usually, I’m totally with you on the resolving to not resolve bandwagon.

    1. Karen — ah, that’s a different kind of resolution. I was referring to the kind of resolutions that require one to change his/her nature.

    1. Amanda — I won’t argue that. What I am saying is making a resolution because it is the “day to do so” rather than a conviction is a worthless exercise.

  3. I resolve to love and cherish Thom forevermore!

    Thanks to him, I finally received Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor — A Novel by Lisa Kleypas, a souvenir Seattle solid milk chocolate bar and a ‘Washington Ferries’ postcard !!

  4. I don’t do resolutions, either. Sometimes it’s good to sit down and assess goals and course correct, but so right that change isn’t a fad we should only think about in January.

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