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Introducing Through My Lens Thursday

Many of you have requested more photographs.  The truth is, I haven’t been taking many lately.  In order to remedy that over-sight, I thought I would commit myself to post a new photo (or several) every Thursday.  That ought to keep me taking pics, satisfy your longings, and give me a steady supply of flubs for Thom’s Tuesday Muffed Photo.

This is an assignment I am giving myself, but if this is a bandwagon you’d like to jump on for a chance to make certain you’re keeping your camera busy and sharing your photos, let me know and I’ll go ahead and get a linky.

Now, without further ado …

Island in the Clouds

Island in the Clouds

Jensen’s Shipyard
Friday Harbor, WA
September 25th, 2010
10:30 a.m.

shutter speed 1/640s
f 8.0
ISO 200

sepia effect


  1. What a wonderfully evocative photo! This is a good idea for you, Quilly! You have such a great eye – it will give you a day each week that helps you develop your skills further (although they’re already amazing!). I’ll join in when I can. Today is Emajean.

  2. Your blog always seems to have a lot of photos anyway, so I wonder why you need to “force” yourself to take more. But, a few more won’t hurt! lol.

    1. Gigi — check your perceptions. This month (January) I have posted two of my own photos. In December of 2010 out of roughly 60 posts, 8 of them had my own photos (lots of other graphics in the other posts, but not my photos) for a total of 14 photos — 3 of which were Punny Monday — and one video. I am not using my camera much these days and often Punny Monday is the only action it sees in a week.

  3. Love that photograph!
    I need to be posting more of my own photos… after I force myself to take more photographs… so I think I will be joining you most Thursdays. (Note to self: put this on the calendar!!)

  4. Yay! I love it! The scene is so mystifying and calm. I really like the sepia effect. You are an excellent photographer Quilly! Looking forward to seeing more more more!

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