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On Being Me

I bet you’re wondering where I have been lately. Well, I am writing, and during my writing time my blog is off limits. I have also been spending a bit more morning time with Amoeba — well, except for this week since he is 3000 miles away — although we do still talk several times a day. I’ve also been doing a bit more reading — and I have joined the gym.

I am taking water aerobics classes and I love them. I would be a bit happier if the water was a couple of degrees warmer, but overall I am pleased. The class has improved my balance and agility a lot.

I think that class is also helping me combat my winter blues. It gives me something to look forward to — and it picks me up afterward. Plus, we have a pretty large group and do a lot of joking and laughing — which is good exercise, too!

The other night in water aerobics class we were trying to tightrope walk on Styrofoam noodles. Talk about a riot. Walking I couldn’t do, but I did finally manage to balance on one. One of the guys walked from one of of his noodle to the other, but he cheated by taking it to the shallow end so it wasn’t floating at all!

At any rate, trying to force a Styrofoam under water, get our feet on it, and then stand up was hysterically funny. The noodles, of course, wanted to float and they’d pop out of the water, often taking feet with them, turning the person standing on them end over end. One couldn’t help but laugh at the sight — which pretty much guaranteed a reciprocal loss of balance and another spectacular fall.

So, I have been busy with other things, but that doesn’t mean I have forgotten you. I am just out in search of life and something fun to blog about. Stay tuned!


  1. It all sounds good. And you still post more than all the other personal blogs I read put together.

  2. Water walking is a nice topic to write about, Quilly. Not too many people are doing that anymore. Good on your writing push. Does that new dedication have anything to do with Amoeba being away?

    1. Jim, Water aerobics is a bit more strenuous than water walking, and I started my writing several weeks ago. Amoeba has been gone for just slightly more than 24 hours.

  3. We have a lot in common…. I’ve been too busy writing to blog much too haha!

    I haven’t been to the pool though… although I do spend most my waking days in the ice rink and people sometimes walk in and ask where their swimming lessons are…. (happens more than you’d think in an ice rink….)

    1. Teresa — I noticed, and your Facebook status posts are remarkably boring. What works on Facebook doesn’t necessarily work on a blog and visa versa.

  4. It sounds that you have a great time. I think you are a talented writer, Quilly. I hope that spending more time on writing will bring you even further. Water aerobic is something that I would like to join these days. Too bad that there are no alternatives around. Have a wonderful week 🙂

  5. I did water aerobics many years ago and enjoyed it, but I’m more of a land creature now. I hate the time sink that doing the pool thing is. Even when I was swimming laps (which was boring) I kept thinking about the time sink. It does’t occur to me when I’m upstairs working out in a class or on the machines.

    But . . . if you can find some of those webbed gloves for your water aerobics class, you’ll get even more out of the workouts.

    1. Kelley — I don’t consider my Water Aerobics class a time sink. It is “me” time at the end of the day, just before dinner. However, I don’t take the morning water walking class because it does cut into the productive part of my day and I do feel it would steal important time — so maybe it was the schedule bothering you rather than the class itself?

  6. That sounds like a lot of fun! I love water aerobics, but it is not offered here. 🙁
    You keep yourself busy, it´s the best way to not fall into the “blues”.

    1. Betty — I think you’re right, busy is important. However, even when I worked and this was my busiest time of year I had issues with no sun. I wish I had taken vitamin D then like I do now. I think it makes a big difference!

  7. I like the thought of water aerobics and doing things I probably could not do out of the water, but I hate the thought of getting wet and having to peel off wet clothes and change and dry hair, etc.. Silly, huh? But any exercise regimen is going to have something like that. I don’t like sweating, either, and the water would take care of that as it happens!

    I’m glad you’re finding some ways to combat the winter blues.

    I keep thinking if I am ever going to do some serious writing other than blogging I need to spend less time on the computer. Yet blogging is a thinking and writing exercise for me as well as a social outlet. It’s hard to find the right balance — praying about it. But I am glad to hear you’re doing some writing and looking forward to hearing more about it.

  8. That does sound like a lot of fun and the perfect antedote to the winter blahs. Good on you for going! Good too that you’re disciplined with your writing. I, for one, don’t mind fewer blog posts when I know something bigger and better is in the works. Have a lovely Tuesday, Quilly.

  9. The pool water at my water aerobics class is about a million degrees! Yesterday it was -2 out and the pool was about 90! But I had fun and thats all that counts, now if only I could do water aerobics without actually getting wet (I dont like the water or being wet or getting my head wet, esspecially) I would be golden!

  10. You are an excellent writer Quilly, so I am glad you are putting that talent to good use!

    Your water aerobics class sounds like a hoot! There’s nothing like exercising when it involves fun!

    My friend teaches water zumba. Ever heard of that?

  11. It is great to find some things that make you feel good, way to go!
    Water stuff is always fun too, what a great idea.

    I for one am not in a position to criticize anyone for irregular blogging!
    When we are out living our lives instead of writing about it, I think that is probably quite alright.

  12. Water aerobics are good and a good instructor and fun “classmates” can make water aerobics GREAT! Glad you are enjoying your classes. 🙂
    And of course I am happy that you are busy doing things you love.

    I’ve been a bit out of the loop due to kids being home (snow days, semester break, weekends) and parental health issues. My blogging mojo is sort of swallowed up, esp. when the things I am dealing with cannot be discussed in public. *sigh*

  13. I would rather you write than visit my blogs (yeah, I’m lying, sort of.) I love being in the water but it makes hungry.

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