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He Said WHAT?!

Mid-afternoon on Sunday She said, “Lunch was pretty light and it’s four hours until dinner.  Would you like a snack?”

He was staring intently at his computer and didn’t look up from his typing.  “Uhm, yeah.  How about … not a sandwich.  Maybe a coke and something chippy.”

She said, “Something, what?”

Without a pause in his work He answered.  “Chippy.  Something chippy.”

She said, “You want coke and a chippy?”

He said, “Yeah.”

She said, “Okay. I can probably do that.  You want your chippy with or without syphilis?”

His fingers froze above the keyboard.  He turned his head to look at her.  She could actually see him mentally hit rewind and review the conversation.  “Oh!” He grinned sheepishly.  “Hold the syphilis.  Just bring me a Coca-Cola and whatever snack chips we have in the house.”

“Right,” She said.  “One rolling pin coming up.”


  1. .
    Hmmm, I’d a been in trouble too. My dictionary is on ‘His’ side also.
    My Online Slang Dictionary said names for # 1: fish and chip shop; # 2: a carpenter; # 3 a ‘floozie’; and # 4: a California Highway Patrolman.

    Good story. 🙂 It just goes to show how easy it is for a guy to be in hot water.

  2. Wow, dude, the Quillster really laid it on OC that ti … Dude! What are you doin’ wit’ the Doritos?!?

    “What it looks like I’m doin’, dude.”

    “Makin’ a pile on the table an’ coverin’ the pile wit’ what yer new shoes came in? Ew. Like, for why?

    “Jus’ tryin’ to help OC out.”

    “Out the door, maybe. What is this?”

    “‘A box on all your chippies’, dude.”




    1. Dudes, be careful. I believe the pox is something one gets from a chippy. In fact, it is probably one of the nicer consequences of partying with such a girl.

    1. Gigi — that’s probably just as well. However, if you’re curious, you can look at Jim’s comment (the second one from the top) and my answer.

  3. This would have gone over my head, too, until I saw the definitions above. I’d never heard that term for them before. Love the frozen fingers and mental rewind, too.

    1. Barbara — apparently it is west coast slang. I didn’t realize it was regional or I likely wouldn’t have written the post.

  4. I knew what it was, and would have thought the same thing. I probably wouldn’t have SAID it, but I would have thought it.

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