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The A to Z of Me

Age – 51 years 342 days

Bed size – queen

Chore you hate – folding clothes

Dogs – Love Puppy

Essential start of your day –BATHROOM!

Favorite color – forest green

Gold or silver –yes, please

Height –5’4″

Instruments I play (or have played) – violin (but not since 4th grade); coronet and trumpet (but not since 7th grade) and handbells (but not since Hawaii).

Job title – Avon Representative; Blogger; Homemaker

Kids –dozens, but none of my own

Live – definitely not dead!

Mom’s name –Lois Caryl

Nickname – Quilly

Overnight hospital stays –when I was born my esophagus wasn’t attached to my stomach.  I’m told that the reparation surgery kept me in hospital for awhile.   When I was 17 I had a biopsy that required an overnight hospital stay.   And in 2006 I spent 3 nights in the hospital in horrific gastrointestinal pain and underwent a multitude of very uncomfortable tests.

Pet peeve – people who don’t use their turn signals

Quote from a movie – “If I weren’t such a mean old biddy I’d break right down and cry!”

Right or left-handed – right

Siblings – Bruce, Susan, Jean, Jackie, Caryl, Harold, Randy, & Ronnie — also, step-siblings, Pam, Gary, Brian, and Rick.

Time you wake up –whenever

Underwear –yes

Vegetable you dislike – can’t think of one!

What makes you run late – Amoeba!

X-rays you have had done – ankle, knee, lungs (lots of times), sinuses (lots of times)

Yummy food you make – just about everything I cook!

Zoo animal – it makes me sad to see animals in cages


Depending on your mood, you can either thank of blame Beth for this meme.  I stole it from her.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. It was fun learning a bit more about you today. 🙂 I saw this over at Beth’s, too. I may have to post it later today….and blame you both. 😉

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    Hey Quilly ~~ We learned a lot from you today! I don’t have time right now but I might use this later (I do that once in a while, it seems to be okay–I would hope that Beth wouldn’t mind either).

    Now, your mother’s maiden name dropped off for some reason?? Lois is a pretty name. Lois was Timothy’s (Bible) maternal grandma. I kind of think she raised him for a major part of his life. Lois is also my sister’s name.

    Thank you for peeking in on my Decorah Eagle post and leaving your nice comment. It grew since you looked. But today the ads are in Japanese and I can’t get it to change. I don’t know the correct HTML. The part I do recognize is ‘JP’ and ‘jp’ and changed two of those to US burt it also uses a number which I don’t know. I’ll watch off and on to see if they will switch the ‘EMBED’ code to U.S.

    “They” are predicting the first birthing today. The chicks are interesting to watch if they survive. The ‘Jim’ link above goes back to my post.

    1. .
      Forgot to mention your large family. 🙂 That’s a baker’s dozen. I know there was hard times there and thank you for relating to some of those earlier. We were dirt poor with just Mom and Dad and the two of us.
      Good thinkg we had 120 acres of dirt share cropped to raise food for us and food for the animals. The dirt fed us for all the time I was at home.

  3. Oh I don’t like folding clothes either. When I get really lazy, I just throw the clothes in my wardrobe after laundry. But then Mom does all the folding and I don’t want a dingy cabinet for my clothes!

    About that x-ray thing with your sinus, how does that work? I mean what were the results, what did it felt like, the whole deal. I really wanna solve my sinusitis problem. It just came back, causing headaches every now and then!

  4. I played the violin too! (I wanted to play the cello but they said I was too little- and when I got big enough I didn’t want to anymore)

    I used this for my blog tomorrow.

  5. These all fit you to a T Pet Peeve – Stupidity and you are one awesome cook 🙂 Don’t blame Charley for you running late. I do remember when he has been gone that I’ve had to wait for you….LOL MWAH

  6. About your comment on my blog..

    Wow, you teach? I think it is a respectable and noble work. You are the wheel, the one that drives students to learn and journey through the world of knowledge!

    I also gotta ask, what prompted you to actually go to the sinus doctor? Like you couldn’t breathe or something? I get the frequent headaches like I said before, especially when I’m really hungry or cos of the temperature!

  7. What a tricky way to remind us it’s only 23 days until your birthday! (makes note to self… oh please self, remember!)

    I hate folding clothes too! I’d much rather hang them up! Sometimes.

    I’m SO glad you LIVE! I’d be so sad the other way…

    I have had waaaaaaay too many hospitalizations to EVER allow me to do this meme! LOL!

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