Tenebrous Tuesday

shadowy; dark; obscure;
difficult to see or comprehend clearly

Introducing yet another photo game.  I am not promising this one will be long lived.  I guess it depends on how well you all take to it — and how much fun we’re having.   For the next few weeks (already scheduled) a photo will go up at 12:01 a.m. Tuesday and you are all invited to tell me what you think it is. Feel free to leave your guesses in the comments.

Let’s begin our challenge with this:

The answer will be revealed on midnight Wednesday so those folks who guessed correctly can gloat.  That’s the best I can do for prizes, sorry.

10 thoughts on “Tenebrous Tuesday

  1. Interesting… a little too green around the edges for seaweed? …I’ll gander a guess it’s some plant in your yard covered with ice.

  2. It looks like a sea anemone to me… but then I just read “Tenebrous” as the word “treacherous” so I’m not sure we can trust my eyes yet this morning!

  3. I cannot believe it, but the my answer has already been guessed by someone else. It looks very much like my plants that I try to save during the winter, the ones that do not make it through the frost even after I carefully cover them.

  4. .
    It’s a magnification of the nine-year-old mattress you guys are keeping for old time sake. Remember those dust mites it holds will double your mattress weight in eight years.

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