I had a brain crash and managed to delete the entire church newsletter so now I am redoing it from scratch — and since it is supposed to be in people’s mailboxes on or by the 1st, I am LATE.  I will get back to my virtual life as soon as my real one is under control.

I have a writing prompt to put up and Punny Monday will post Monday at noon.  Thank you for your patience!

8 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. How in the world did that happen? Terrible! I put out a club newsletter once a month, myself, and so far have never deleted it by mistake. (knock on wood!)

  2. Oh my, should I be the one apologizing??? I hope your message to me about our retirement anniversary is not related to this newsletter problem in any way….really, is this my fault? I always think everything’s my fault but this, this may be! (giggle, I hope!)

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