How the Platypus Came to Be ~ NPM Day #1

“It is done”, God said,
“It’s time to take a rest.”
The angels marveled at the sun and stars,
Jesus liked the Earth the best.

God’s workshop was a jumble,
And Gabriel started to clean.
He found a pile of extra parts,
And caused some kind of scene.

“You know I can’t stand waste, Lord.
“You’ve got to use these bits,”
“Can’t be done,” God told him.
“Nothing left there fits.”

“You’re the Lord!” Said Gabriel,
“Ain’t nothing you can’t do.”
So God jammed the bits together,
And made the platypus and you.


poem originally posted on David McMahon’s
Author Blog,
May 5th, 2008
Poet: Charlene L. Amsden


I shared this previously, but it seemed the perfect poem for April Fool’s Day. This is National Poetry month and I will attempt to post a poem a day — some of them might even be new!

Sensational Haiku Wednesday ~ Resolution

Join the fun!

Jenn from, You Know … that blog?,
hosts Sensational Haiku Wednesday.
This week’s theme is:


I have resolved NOT
to resolve just to resolve.
Change is not a fad.


In 1996 I resolved not to make New Year’s resolutions. That is the only New Year’s resolution I have ever successfully kept. As a rule, I am much better off instigating changes as they become necessary in my life rather than at a “fashionable” set time.