Making Waves

Yesterday I walked into the post office to mail a package to my sister.  I love our post office here.  Everybody always seems to be friendly, happy and upbeat.  I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when a woman walked in, grabbed someone and hugged her.  It happens all the time — except this time the words that followed were a bit unexpected.

“I loved your book!” Then she turned to us — the audience in the line behind them — “Hey everyone, this is Gayle Ann Williams.  The author of  Tsunami Blue.”  Then Gayle Ann’s husband pulled out bookmarks for Tsunami Blue and passed them all around.

I got to spend a bit of time chatting with Gayle after the hubbub died down and my package was mailed.  Her book is an urban fantasy — right up my alley.  It is her first book, but her second one — a sequel — has already been sold.  And the story is set right here in the San Juan Islands.

I asked Gayle if she’d read any Ilona Andrews books and she named them all and said she loved them.  Instant bond. I am going down to the local bookstore to pick up Tsunami Blue.  When Gayle does her local signing I will go back and get her autograph.  In the meantime, if you’re interested in Tsunami Blue, Check out Gayle’s website.

This is NOT a paid or endorsed post.  I have not read the book (yet) and I will not be receiving a free copy.