Born of Night, by Sherilyn Kenyon

I spent much of this afternoon at the Ala Moana Mall,  Barnes and Noble store mourning the books I had to leave behind.  I brought three home.  At one point I had nine in my hands.

Sherilyn Kenyon’s, Born of Night, is a must read book. I sat on the floor at Barnes and Noble (all the comfy chairs were taken), opened the book and started to read.  I read several chapters.  I might still be sitting there reading, but a child came along wanting the comic books behind me.  I scooted out of his way, put Born of Night in my “must read” pile and quickly glanced through the other books.  I chose what I wanted and made my way to the front desk.  A few minutes later I was in my car, shocked to find that three hours had passed.    I thought I’d been in the store an hour, max.

Sherilyn Kenyon is a #1 New York Times best selling author.  Born of Night, her latest book, is the first in the three book series, “The League”, from St. Martin’s Press.  If you want to know what kept me on the floor reading while hours ticked by, you can start reading the story here: first nine chapters.  For those who don’t like to buy into a series, each book is a complete, stand alone story which can be read independently of the others.

Stop by Kenyon’s “Sanctuary,” check out her Twitter feed, link to her Facebook page and order your copy of Born of Night today.

Watch the video.  Read the first nine chapters of the book.  Check out all the Sherrilyn kenyon websites — Live the League & Sanctuary — then order the book.  I can personally guarantee, it’s a spellbinding read.