Protect Your Cat

Several years ago I had a friend with a simple swinging flap cat door.  She came home from work one day to find her home had been invaded by a strange cat.  Perhaps he followed (or chased) her cat home,  but however he got there, once inside he  sprayed her couch, the carpet, her laundry hamper, and her bedding!  Her house reeked of cat urine, and her cat was terrified and trembling in its own home.  She boarded up her cat door never to use it again.  The cat had to stay inside all day while my friend was at work, and they both had to contend with a litter box, which neither of them liked.  Happily, the Pet Porte microchip cat flap has put an end to such worries.

The Pet Porte microchip cat flap is a securely locking door that you program so only your cat, or cats, can open it! When your cat reaches the door, the Pet Porte reads its vet installed microchip (no ugly, heavy, expensive collars!) and unlocks instantly — even if your cat is heading for the house on the run.  The flap will open in as little as 1/29th of a second, but only for your cat.   The Pet Porte will unlock only for microchips it has been programmed to read*.  And the flap, made of study high impact plastic, cannot be forced or broken.

I spent quite a bit of time perusing the Pet Porte website. It has an interesting and informative FAQ page, a Forums page (talk to other Pet Porte owners), videos of the Pet Porte in action, and a chip checker so you can make certain your cat’s microchip is compatible with the door before you order!  The Pet Porte is manufactured in the UK, but according to their site they gladly ship to the USA and the rest of the world.  (USA residents will have to buy a power adapter for the 12v power source.)  The Pet Porte will also work for smaller breed dogs.  A Pet Porte for larger dogs is in development.

*Uses european-style 15 digit microchips available from Bayer Thayer ir Identichip.  Will not read American 10 digit microchips.

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