End Times Prophesies

Bob Fraley of Christian Life Outreach is a minister very concerned with last days prophesies.  He feels that God has given him an urgent outreach mission to prepare the world for the end times.  The following video will explain Bob Fraley’s mission better than I am able.

Fraley is particularly concerned with America in Bible prophecy.  I have to agree, America as a nation is abandoning its Christian morals, values and ethics.  Our culture very much parallels the culture of Jerusalem whose downfall was prophesied by Jeremiah.  That is a scary thought.

As a Christian I believe the apocalypse will come. I also believe that I should live my life as though Jesus were coming to claim his kingdom within the hour.  That does not mean I live every moment in fear and expecting it to be my last.  Jesus told his disciples that not even he knows when the world will end.  That bit of information is privy to God alone.   For that reason we are to behave like the five wise virgins and keep our lamps well oiled and our wicks trimmed (keep our spiritual and prayer lives in order) so that when Jesus returns in all of his glory we are prepared.

Live your life as salt and light.  Let your words and actions be your testimony, for how we live our lives speaks more eloquently of our beliefs than any preaching we might do.