Going Too Far

Okay, I am all for work place drug tests — especially if the workplace revolves around machinery or other such things that require one’s full mental faculties for optimum safety, but I just learned about drug tests for teens which can be administered at home by the parents.  That is just wrong.

Yes, teens make bad choices and drug use is something to watch for and be concerned about, but the instant a parent purchases Drug Testing Kits with the intention of using them on their own kids, all trust is gone. The parents obviously don’t trust the child, so the child will never again trust the parent.

Further, most kids, if they’re being tarred and feathered for it anyway, will start taking drugs even if they never have before. As a teen I was accused of smoking so many times when I was innocent, that I finally decided I might as well smoke since no one believed me any way.

*And even if a kid has already been caught using drugs and the parents want to know that s/he is staying clean, I see no reason for them to be the one to administer the drug test.  That is like telling the kid you expect him or her to fail.  Let the doctor do it as part of the on-going post care.  Sure it might cost more then administering the test oneself, but how much is peace in the family worth?

Update:  I stand corrected.  According to the comments I received there are parents who have done this successfully and remained close to their children.  Given my life experiences, I don’t understand how they managed this, but I am willing to retract my words and tell parents it can work and has.  I think one would have to be careful in approaching the child with an attitude of help rather than blame.