Tired Out, Part One

Tonight I was in a downtown parkinglot with a bunch of stripped studs.  In fact, they were on my car.  Unfortunately there was nothing sexy about them.

Today my car got four new tires.  We took it in to Lex Brody’s Queen Street Shop.  We were really pleased with the price they quoted us and the amount of time it took them to do the work (including the oil change).  OC collected the car and drove it to his concert in the park.  I walked from work and joined him there.

When we were leaving the park, I heard a thump, thump, thumping noise and asked, “What the heck is that?”

OC rolled the windows down and the sound grew more distinct.  He pulled over and had me check for flat tires, thinking they must not have been inflated properly.  The tires looked fine.  I kicked them, even.  No flats.

We drove another block.  The sound grew worse.  Luckily, we’d arrived at the restaurant where we were meeting the other band members.  We pulled in and parked.  I said I bet we had a loose lug nut.  OC said he thought it was not just a single lug nut, but a complete loose tire.  He pulled the hub caps.

Turns out OC was right, except all four tires were loose.  All four.  We called roadside service for a tow truck.  I thought the guy could just come out and tighten the lug nuts, but that’s not what happened.  The lug nuts had been completely stripped and they couldn’t be tightened.  The car isn’t safe to drive.

We left the car at the restaurant and had a friend bring us home.  This saga will be continued tomorrow.