I ♥ My Gas Fireplace!

Coastal Driftwood Logs

I ♥ My Gas Fireplace!  It has R.H. Peterson gas logs.  They look more realistic than may other gas log fireplaces I have seen. The Vented Gas Logs in our fireplace look a lot like burning driftwood.  I enjoy sitting and watching the flames leap among them. I especially enjoy that I don’t have to clean up any soot and ashes — and my house doesn’t smell like woodsmoke!  One more exciting little tid-bit, you can buy Hansen Wholesale Gas Logs for about the same amount of money as you’d pay (locally) for a couple of cords of firewood, but these will never burn up!

Our Outdoor Gas Logs cost a little bit more, but our backyard firepit is wholly safe and we don’t have to worry about our fire spreading beyond the ring and getting out of control.  Further more, both the firepit and the fireplace light with a simple match.  No stacks of paper or noxious chemicals are required and there’s no sawdust, bark, and other wood debris to clean up.

Now, in case you are wondering why I am talking about gas stoves and log fireplaces in July, it is because it was so cold here yesterday our block party was canceled.  Nobody wanted to go outside!  We had great weather for the parade but while the One More Time band was playing at the Pig War Picnic, the sun left, the wind came up and our little island got pretty darn cold!  When we were home sitting on the couch I told Amoeba I was darn tempted to light the fireplace!