Christmas Open House

It is official.  we have set the date for our Christmas open house.  I had better get to baking!  I have tons of goodies to make!

I think I am offering tea (hot & iced), coffee, and spiced cider to drink.  If something else is wanted, our guests will have to bring it with them.  It’s an afternoon party — that’ll do, won’t it?

My goody menu is pretty much Christmas traditional — decorated sugar cookies, banana walnut bread, Thumb Print Cookies, Ginger Bread, fudge, … what else?  NO fruit cake!

And I keep changing my food menu.  Finger foods, or big pots of chili (one spicy, one mild?).  I think veggie trays and cheese trays no matter what.  And probably a fresh fruit tray as well.

This will be the first time we have done any major holiday entertaining since Amoeba and I have been together.  In Hawaii, all the holiday gatherings were potluck joint ventures with our friends.  Amoeba and I are taking this on ourselves.  This house just cries out for a huge party.

Of course this party is going to require a trip to Pier 1.  I need some classy looking serving platters and hors d’oeuvre plates.  The Pier 1 “Tasting Party” set has the perfect pieces — classy, yet understated and they match the dishes I already have.

Pier 1 has long  been one of my favorite shopping places.  It is the first place I thought of when I realized my old table cloth won’t fit my new table.  I’ll also need napkins and napkin rings. At Pier 1, I’ll be able to get a high-end look without paying high-end department store prices.

Another good reason for going to Pier 1 is that I can drop off my Toys for Tots donation with them and they’ll see that it gets delivered.  In addition, Pier 1 is donating one dollar to Toys for Tots for every fan they get on Facebook during November and December.  Pop over now and “like” them.  Every little bit helps.

Speaking of every little bit helping – -does anybody have any hot party foods they think I should serve?  Should I scrap the chili idea and go with fancy finger sandwiches, chicken wings, an assorted appetizers, etc.?  I can’t make up my mind!

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