Did You Know?

Did you know that, “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night stays these courageous couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds” is a quote from about 2500 years ago? The Greek historian, Herodotus supposedly said this during the war between the Greeks and Persians about 500 B.C. He was talking about the Persian mounted postal couriers. The words became associated with the U.S. Postal Service when the New York City General Post Office was designed. Mitchell Kendal, an employee for the architectural firm, McKim, Mead and White, proposed engraving Herodotus’ saying all around the outside of the building. His idea was accepted and from that time forward the saying has been associated with the U.S. Postal Service. The building is now a National Historic landmark. It occupies two city blocks.

So, why did I tell you all that? Because I want to talk to you about my address and my mailbox. It seems that no matter where I live, there is something unusual about the address. What is usual about where we live now is that we are in a single family, free-standing home, yet we still have a mail box number. As you can imagine, this confuses people.

Amoeba and I live in a cul de sac. At the end of our road there is a bank of mailboxes — one for every lot in the division. We live in the 7th house, therefore our box number is 7. Makes sense, right?

Now try explaining this to delivery people. “We don’t deliver to post office boxes.” See, when I buy online, I have to give them the address with the post office box, because it goes to the purchasing card. Then I try to enter the street address without the box number and get told the delivery address must be the same as the purchase address — then I add the box number to the delivery address and get told they don’t deliver to post office boxes! Argh!

Apparently the mail carrier sometimes gets confused with our mail boxes as well. Twice I have hand delivered mail to the neighbors that was placed into our box. Other than that, I kind of like the mail at the end of the street. It is much more convenient for the mail carrier and they get their work done in a more efficient and timely manner. It also means I am guaranteed at least a bit of exercise each day.