Turkey of A Day

Right now I am exhausted.  We landed at Logan Airport in Boston after over overnight flight in which I may have managed 4 hours of semi-concious sleep.  We rented a car and drove to Cape Cod.  Yes, I have some photos.  I’ll share them when I am not too exhausted to make sense.

We ate breakfast at a friendly restaurant named Friendly’s, then Amoeba took me sightseeing.  I saw some sights.  I got sand from the Atlantic Ocean in my shoes and socks — a bit of salt water, too.  I also collected a pocket full of sea shells and a cute nugget of pink granite.  I wanted to pick ALL of the pink granite up, but Amoeba said he is not carrying a suitcase full of rocks home. I do wish he was a little more reasonable about such matters, but I love him anyway.

We went to Scusset Beach State Reservation and Amoeba showed me the end of the Cape Cod Canal.  I collected a couple of really great photos there.  We also met a local named Tom.  I was really surprised to learn that he keeps a harem.  I didn’t think such things were legal in this country.  Still, looking at him you can clearly see why the ladies find him irresistible.  He is quite a looker!

Tom Turkey