Oh My!

I am not squeamish or easily intimidated. I have kept hamsters, iguana, and even a tarantula in my classroom. One of my hamsters, Silk, generally spent most of her time in my shirt pocket or on my shoulders. I preferred the tarantula remain in his terrarium. And, for the safety of my students, the iguana remained in his pen.

Even so, yesterday morning I spent a good half an hour home alone freaking out over a freaking spider.

This creature is huge. It could easily straddle a 50 cent piece without touching the coin.  If I could have stuck a coin to the ceiling beside it, I would prove it to you.

I don’t believe in killing spiders.  They are beneficial to the environment — just not my immediate environment!  I wanted him GONE!

I grabbed a glass and a chair.  Even standing on the chair, I was too short to reach the ceiling.  Besides, if I did get the spider into the glass, I wasn’t covering it up with my bare hand.  That scenario would have likely led to broken glass and dead spider anyway.

Plan two:  I grabbed a spatula.  Even with it I couldn’t reach the ceiling while standing on the chair.  Besides which, if I knocked the spider on to me, we were likely falling off the chair in fright together and killing one or both of us.

Plan three: I grabbed the broom and gently swept the spider onto the bristles.  Happily, it accepted this turn of events without going hyper on me.  I then carried the spider, on the broom, out to the balcony and dropped him over the rail.

I feel somewhat guilty about putting the spider out of this nice warm apartment, but in truth, I much prefer it this way to the other way around.