Storage Solutions

Okay, I live in a big house and it has lots of room. I even have a huge two-car garage and only one little car. I have plenty of storage space, what I seem to be in short supply of is storage organization. I am in the market for a good storage system. I want places to keep stuff that will help my storage area stay neat and tidy.

For the garage I was actually considering using school lockers. I think they would do a great job organizing our tools, lawn equipment (except the mower), and even Amoeba’s bicycle gear — especially Amoeba’s bicycle gear! Plus, he wouldn’t always be asking me where he put things. Hello?

I was kind of excited when our local second hand store advertised lockers for sale.  I rushed right over.  Big disappointment.  They had only two lockers and both of them were quite small and made of flimsy plastic.  They were more like theme decorations, especially since they were in black and gold and displayed the name and emblem of a well known NFL team.  I did think about getting just one locker to store our coats in, but they were just too flimsy.  Besides, we have a wonderful coat closet.  It just isn’t near the garage, which is where we mostly come and go from, and I am lazy.

I think a bank of wood lockers along one wall would look really nice and keep things neat.  I even considered the wire basket type gym lockers since we could see into the baskets and know what was where, but I don’t think they would look as sleek and nice as enclosed storage.  Maybe we’d be better off to just go out and throw all the tools, bike paraphernalia and garden equipment away.  Then the garage would be clean for sure!