Emily’s Deer

It rained constantly, but the intrepid scientists went about their business, all of them dressed in hip-high rubber boots and rain gear.  I was the only one not dressed for the expedition.  I went to the beach sites they’d selected to do their work, and I waited in the car (reading) while they took their 5-6 hour jaunts.  With me came my camera in hopes that the rain would let up.  It didn’t.

As I sat in the car reading, I heard someone call my name.  I looked up and around.  Several other cars were parked nearby, but I didn’t see a person.  I heard my name again and spotted a moving flash of yellow rain-gear through the windows of the car beside ours.  I put my book down and stepped out into the rain.

There was Emily, one of the students in the Oceanography class.  She said, “I fell on the rocks.  Amoeba sent me back up.”  She pointed.  “Look what followed me.”

Because of the car, I couldn’t see what Emily was pointing at, but from the look of awe on her face, I knew to grab my camera.

This little guy — little though he is at least two years old — followed Emily up the beach trail, through the woods and to the car park. He wasn’t in the least bit skittish and let me within three feet of him. I believe he would have let me touch him, but I didn’t try to get closer. We suppose he was hoping to be feed, but since we were standing in a Canadian Provincial Park and were surrounded by “thou shalt not” signs, we didn’t.

He ate the tops of the daisies instead.

Emily had never seen a deer before and was enchanted.  We stood in the rain — we with my precious camera — way longer than was sensible, then retreated to the car where it was dry — belatedly remembering that Emily had been ordered to the car to sit down!