As you read this, Amoeba and I are on our way to Beautiful British Columbia, where we will camp for the next several days.  I shall return with photographs and tales of great adventures on Victoria Island — but you will have to wait for them because while we are gone, I will not have access to the Internet.  It will be hard and I will likely suffer extreme withdrawals — especially since I have barely recovered from my last episode sans ‘net.  Still, I have great faith that you will all get along quite well without me.

I have updated Quilly Unshuttered so photographs from my trip to and from Coeur d’Alene will post over the next several days.  You will see exciting scenes from my Aunt’s Garden.  I have also prepared a couple of posts for my absence.  They will give you a taste of where we are going, and why.

Enjoy!  I will see you all on the 10th of July!