The Return of Real Life

I am off to my first day of work since June 10th. Please feel sorry for me.

As you await my return run over to Belle of the Brawl’s place and vote for me in the picture captioning contest.

Then pop over to Bits of me in Poetry and see my new poems.

After that, continue on with the Liar’s Contest — though pretty much Lori, Donna 2, and Jenn 1 are the only ones in the race — unless someone makes a major run from behind.

There. If you do all that you’ll have plenty to keep you busy, and I’ll be back before you know I’m gone.

7 thoughts on “The Return of Real Life

  1. ROFL! I just checked in on the results for the LC — and I was just wondering… can the PRIZE for Lori be a LIFE? I’m thinkin’ she MIGHT be in need of one! 😉 (woman… you have created a monster!) LOL!!!

    I’m sO sorry to hear you have to go back to work. I know this day is coming upon me too… I’m trying to ignore it though. I’m also plotting and planning ways to GET OUT OF IT! LOL! I hope you get settled in sooner rather than later and I’ll run over to check out this Belle of The Brawl’s contest…

    Always SO much going ON over here…

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