Tribute to a Dog

A dog named Doug met Ambrose Bierce
..within a book one day.
The words they jumped right off the page
..and caused the dog to say,
“Oh, the wonder of these words,
..they surely must be mine!”
So the dog named Doug created a blog
..which simply is divine.
A place where wisdom, wit and ridiculous
..all meet in one accord
To thrust and parry, swashbuckle and flash
..swift as a dueling sword.
People travel by ‘net the world around insult boast and mug;
And when you ask them why they say,
..“Ya gotta dig that dog named, Doug!”


7 thoughts on “Tribute to a Dog

  1. Doug — if you say it twice you really mean it? 😉

    I showcase all my favorite places. It lets my friends and family know what I’m up (or down) to, and hopefully entertains them a bit, too.

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