Co-Worker Abuse

I am my father’s daughter. If there is someway to tease somebody I will find it. So, last week my co-worker stepped into my room and said, “My I borrow a garbage bag?” I raised my eyebrows, tilted my head and responded, “Borrow it? Were you planning on returning it to me full? Is this a con job to get me to take your trash out?” He rolled his eyes at me and said, “May I please have a trash bag?”

The next day he came into my classroom and asked, “May I borrow some tape?” I raised my eyebrows, tilted my head and said, “Borrow? Is it going to come back still sticky, or will it be all crinkly and have little bits of paper stuck to it?” He glared and rephrased his request.

Today he stepped into my room and said, “May I borrow some Kleenex?” I tilted my head, raised my eyebrows and — he spoke first, “Yes,” he said. “I plan on returning them used and soggy. After all, you’re the one who gave me this cold!”

12 thoughts on “Co-Worker Abuse

  1. Great story. I’ve been meaning to ask what grade you teach and what you specialize in– area of study, if you had one (I’m assuming from the stories that these are youngish children–elementary school, perhaps)? I love your writing and sense of humor.



    Ahhh… If there’s one thing I don’t miss about school while on maternity leave, it’s catching and passing on every single illness that comes into your classroom.

  3. Its odd that we say things that when you examine them make no sense. Like can I borrow when there is no intention to return.At least you got your cold back.

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