Long Time Coming

For those of you who have been patiently — and not so patiently — waiting, over a year and three months later, I have once again posted a short story, “Sticks & Stones” on my memoir blog:

Sugar Jay was my best-friend, but she was as spoiled as her name implies. She would never do things my way. My mud pie recipe had specific ingredients. The perfect mud pie has a firm, creamy texture, but Sugar, one of those “whole earth” freaks, kept adding rocks, sticks and pine cones to the mix.

Source: “The Grownups Wanted Us Dead” by Quilly

Post 900

This is post 900.


A number like 900 calls for something momentous and weighty.

I got nada.


So I’m just going to regale you with some of my favorite moments from me:
(‘cuz I’m modest and unassuming)

June 2008 — Brings you to date. On June first we (my blog and I) celebrated our third anniversary. Today I have posted my 900th post. A lot of pictures and a lot of words have graced these pages. I have had much fun here and met many wonderful people — OC included.

Each of you have touched my heart. You’ve opened my eyes, challenged me to care and made me think. I cherish you all more than I can say. This anniversary is yours as much as mine, because if it weren’t for my readers, I wouldn’t be here.

Thank you.

25 months — approximately 750 days — 900 posts

SkyWatch: Over the Rainbow

SKY WATCH comes to us via Wigger’s World, in the United Kingdom.
Thanks, Tom!

Hawaii is the Rainbow State

This is the first rainbow I have captured on film. We see rainbows here on an almost daily basis, but usually when we are on the freeway and it just isn’t a convenient place for taking pictures. OC just won’t stop when I ask him to. He is surprisingly obstinate about such things.

I learned about Israel Kamakawiwo’ole, or Brudda Iz, before I moved to Hawaii, but I did not learn of his death until (just before I moved here) much after the fact. Even so, I still grieve for him as do most of the islanders. When Iz died the world lost a beautiful, peaceful soul.