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Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. i love pictures. i love old pics so much too..Dr. John always spoiles us with some great ones and now you have too..thank were such a cutie hon..i remember dresses like that, and a bike very similar to that…how adorable…i love your familiy pic but i don’t know if one of them is you…i only know you as Quilldancer.

  2. Hi Quill

    Like the pictures, It is always nice to go down Memory Lane. You are fortunate to have the pictures.

    I am so glad that my Gram and Dad liked to take pictures. I have so many of my sister Edie and myself that my Gram took.

    Edie said I always had the nicest blue eyes. I don’t remember that, I always wanted brown eyes. Oh well, guess you can’t have everything.


  3. Brooke Cindra & Tom, I wasn’t sure how the family would feel about seeing these pics. I talked to Jackie on the phone tonight (for 90 minutes and 55 seconds!) and she said she didn’t think anyone would mind. I still haven’t heard from AC.

    Donna, yes, we all are really nice! ;0

    Chana, I’m the one that’s not either of my sisters! (One sister is absent from this photo — Jean, who also isn’t me!)

    Bill The reason these pics are posted and extra precious to me is because I just received them. For years I have had no pictures of my family. Now I have a disc full of pics my sisters gathered for my brother, Harold’s, birthday.

  4. Great pics, Quilly! I love old pics… Especially the one of your grandparents with the mountains and old cars in the background. Thanks for posting them!

  5. Betty, I am glad everyone is enjoying this family glimpse.

    Rob, and here I was thinking that background was a bit botersome. The Jacobson’s always had interesting cars in their yards. Come to think of it, so did my Uncles and my brother.

    Jenn, how sweet. Thank you.

    Jackie, you are a wonderful sister. Thank you for sending the pictures.

    Charlie, pft

  6. Hi Quill, I love family history, I could pour over photo albums all day long. Not just to see the pictures, but to also get a glimpse of families and all the great things that families do. I was always one of those kids who felt that everyone else’s family was happier than my own, so I spent time with my friends family and never wanted to go home. But for the most part, most parents paid more attention to their kids than my Mom did. I basically grew up like a street urchin. I doubt if there was a kid in my hometown that had more freedom than I.

    How old were you in he picture on the trike…..about two? Pictures back then left much to be desired in the way of quality….I have some old black and whites, but I can barely see us in the pictures……This one of you is pretty good, I can actually see you in the picture. haha, For some reason my Mom always stood back about 40 feet to take a picture, so we are just a dot…..

    Quill, who are Caryl Harold, Charlene, Jackie I know is your sister. Maybe you have told me already, but my lack of memory………well you know…..

    Quill, is that the Grandma that you lived with when you were little? She looks really young….by the time I was born, my Grandma was already really old, haha, well really old to a small child. But she lived to 99, so I had her around for a long time. Mom is now 92…..she says, well I have 7 more years…….and maybe she is right.

  7. Ah hah, well I should have guessed you were the graduate……teacher, graduate……..makes sense….but then I am slowwwwwwwwww……

  8. I love your family pictures! I try to throw in a few of mine also, like Rob. It’s good to mix things up, and to remember where you came from!

  9. It’s funny… when I take pictures I always try to avoid the “clutter” in the background. But, when I look at old photos it seems like the clutter is a big part of the story. It tells you a lot about the time, place and people in the photo. Lately I’ve been trying to include more background clutter, at least in family photos that people may still be looking at for a few decades to come.

  10. Rob, by “clutter” do you mean the Jobsons’ cars in the pic of my grand parents; the porch rail in the pic of my parents; my sister’s rear and various parts of other family members in my baby pic; or my siblings in my graduation picture? My sibs want to know ….

  11. Sorry… didn’t mean it that way! lol

    I was just referring to your response to my earlier comment… saying that you thought the background in your grandparent’s picture was bothersome because of the Jacobson’s cars and all. I wasn’t referring to any people, their rears or other various parts. Hope I didn’t offend anyone!

  12. Ha! I was just joking, Rob. I knew exactly what you meant and the sibling that cpmplained about being part of the clutter did so before you posted!

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