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Precious Memories

After reading my, Cruella, story on, The Grownups Wanted Us Dead, my sister Caryl commented that the Cruella head worked fine during the day, but it didn’t keep the kids from coming into my room at night to sleep with me. Actually, the only kid that came into my room at night to sleep with me was Lenny, and he was escaping something much worse than a disembodied head — a wet bed.

I am, and have always been, a very sound sleeper. That’s the excuse I am giving for replaying this scene too many times: Little baby Lenny would enter my room in the middle of the night and pat my face with his tiny, baby hand, then he would say, “Auntie Charwene, Auntie Charwene, can I sweep wif you?” I always whipped the covers back and helped him crawl into the bed, where he would flop down and slap a cold, wet diaper on my thigh. An automatic flex of my leg would immediately send him flying back out onto the floor.

He landed wailing pitifully, “Why’d you poosh me?” That would finally wake me. His tear stained face and sad little eyes always broke my heart. I’d pick him up, apologize, clean him up, and we’d both go back to bed all dry and comfy. And cuddly — kind of like this memory.

Quilly is the pseudonym of Charlene L. Amsden, who lives on The Big Island in Hawaii. When she is not hanging out with Amoeba, she is likely teaching or sewing. Or she could be cooking, taking photographs, or even writing. But if she's not doing any of that, she's probably on Facebook or tinkering with her blog.


  1. Sweet story. I’m a real softy for toddler tales. Skye Bonnie is at that stage where she is just talkin’ up a storm but still all round and chubby cheeked and just heart meltingly cute. And there’s nothing like snuggles from them at that stage.

    Well, I’m off to bed and haven’t been able to blog much– I’m in the Sunday night through Wednesday afternoon intensive work zone. I have my next challenge figured out though and have written my guest blog spot for Sar’s on Friday, so I have done some pre-planning for the week but don’t know how active I’ll be. I’ll miss you!



  2. It was sad in so many ways when you quit living with us, Charlene. One big one being Lenny no longer had the comfort of your bed. Since hubby & I slept in a double bed we really didnt feel there was room for all 3 kids with us so gave strict orders they not invade our bed at night. Unfortunately we slept like logs which meant we ended up yeilding to small bodies and half hanging off the bed most nights unconciously adjusting to those invading ‘extras’. The kids were small and went to bed by 8, tidily tucked in with kiss, hugs and prayers and the reinforced instruction to stay in their own beds through out the night. Hubby and I watched t.v. for a few hours then shut everything down and headed for bed. In the quiet of night we heard sobbing from upstairs. We found Lenny crying his little heart out. Daddy scooped him up and held him tight in his arms, I patted his back, petted his hair and tried to soothe away the despair. When he had stopped sobbing enough that we could understand him what he said was “Every night you say to stay in my bed (sob)and every night I be a good boy (sob)and I stay in my bed (sob) every night you say to Kenny to stay in his bed (sob) every night Kenny gets in your bed (sob) every night you say to Kellie to stay in her bed(sob) and every night Kellie gets in bed with you (sob) every night I be a good boy and I stay in my bed and I nver get to sleep with you” Much more sobbing……and now both Daddy and I feel like sobbing too. Because it is true. No more Auntie Charlene. No more comfort for Lenny. Needless to say Daddy and I made some changes that night that allowed a rotation of children sleeping with us. 4 year olds are truly precious. (and Lenny was one special little boy!!)
    all my love, Caryl

  3. i like that memory too hon. how sweet to have cuddles from an angel. even a wet one..

    i’m so not a sound, deep sleeper but i wish i was. my talent in the sleeping department is to however, be able to sleep anywhere and in anything, lol..I’m your biggest prrrr cat ever, lol.

    you sound like such a fun aunt. full of love and all the things that make memories for a sweet for Lenny to have had you to save the night for him..ahh!

    Hmmm, if i ever wet my bed, may i come crawling to yours there Quill? ;p …it might not be for a few yrs yet, but i’m sure i will be there soon enough..

  4. I’m a sound sleeper too. There could be a Mariachi band playing on my chest and I’d sleep through it. Good thing too, because I hate Mariachi music and if I woke up there would be one less Mariachi band in the world. I’ll tell you that much!

  5. I’m like Dan – wet kid or no, I’d sleep right thru it. We had another rule at our house too, none of the kids could ask me if they could go anywhere or do anything if I was sleeping…I’d answer them…then wake up later and find them missing and not have a clue where they were!

    But I’m glad you woke up for little Lenny!

    Have a great Monday – love you!

  6. Mama, you forgot to mention the fact if we asked you anything while you were sleeping the answer was *always* yes… that’s why that rule got made after we abused the situation a few too many times… lol

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